SurreaList is an installation reflecting on individuality within the Juma family; an eco-system of creative individuals. Each member supports one another to sustain the ongoing practice of creating.

Shoug Fardan is a fashion designer and Parsons graduate; her aunt Fatma Juma is a visual artist who found her creativity through a spiritual path. In collaboration with one another, they created wearable soft sculptures that hang from above.

Fatma creates automatic drawings, where she is in the process of non-drawing, the outcome is unpredictable and raw. As a young designer, Shoug is inspired by her aunts process and tries to implant that within her own practice to create authentic pieces. This collaboration encouraged Shoug to trace Fatma’s drawings and raw methods to find her own voice within design and making.

In a visual buffet, consisting of various ceramic pieces from other members of the Juma family, also reflect a raw approach to art making.

SurreaList: Surrealist Automatism, a practice of art that has no process or control

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